The Sept 2021 

TCV Summit is Coming! 

Get ready for something big. The TCV Summit: Battle of the Coins

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Discover the Best Coins... The Hottest Cryptocurrencies... And The Most Important Information About What's Coming Next. Period 

The Cryptocurrency Investing, Privacy, and Economic Advice You Need To Not Only Survive, But to Thrive


The granddaddy of them all, Bitcoin is sparking more and more interest from the mainstream. Both for... And against its adoption. What's next in the Bitcoin space? Is it heading to the moon? Or ready to crash and burn?

Monero and Pirate Chain

Two of the most exciting players in the privacy space, Monero and Pirate Chain, have both skyrocketed in value. But which one is best? Where should you put your faith? And what else is coming down the pipe for private interactions in the crypto space?

The Best Opportunities

What's new? What's big? What's next? What should you watch out for? What should you jump on now? Everything you need to know about investing in and using cryptocurrency in 2021 and beyond.

Rave Reviews

From Our Previous Attendees. 

'So sweet bro!  Great work this weekend to all of you.  Shitlloads of value. Amazed!"

"I really dug you guys talk yesterday, learnt a ton."

"So much learned from all TDV TCV team within a year way exceeding 20 years of enso germination in finance, economics and accounting."

Launching Soon 

(Sept 23 - 24, 2021)!

Get Ready. Note: Exact Date Subject to Change


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